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Whether you have an idea for a particular shoot, want to discuss ideas, or you just want live images that graphically depict who you are and why people should come and see you - good photography needs to be inclusive to bring out the best in you

'Cracking Weather'


For her 2022 single, 'Cracking Weather' LaHi wanted a very different style to the one we took for her previous EP

Part of the process is the conversation

Elysae said...

"I have a pink suit...and want something striking and colourful"

Getting an image you like involves a lot of discussion and trial and error and a whole lot of fun

Seb Szabo

Sydney Torch Fest 2022

For dramatic, engaging and dynamic, it's hard to go past Seb. Patience and engagement goes a long way to getting photographs like these

Imogen Clark

Sydney Torch Fest 2022

Not all photos should be taken from the front of the stage. Photographs from behind the stage give an almost intimate insight into fleeting moments in a live show